Greater Expectations – Our Travel Journal

This blog is all about travel – and the pieces are all written by me, Mr E. My partner, Mr G, travels with me, and offers a different perspective to my own on the experiences we have been lucky enough to share. My background (and present!) is in running luxury, boutique hotels – so, without sounding too arrogant, I do know what I’m talking about – and I hope you will find our blog an insightful and useful when planning your travels.

Booking a holiday or a short break (‘SBs’ as we fondly know them), is often pretty stressful – the endless comparison sites, uncertainty on when really is the best time to book, the leap of faith when you finally do commit to a booking – I seem to be in an endless booking cycle, and it’s super important to me, that when we do arrive our expectations are met, and hopefully exceeded. That’s what makes memories, and that’s what travel is all about for us.

Who are we? In brief, we are a young, professional gay couple, currently without children – with our main tick boxes being luxury, culture, cuisine & climate. I mention that we are gay, as I think too, that it’s actually quite useful for other gay travellers to understand our experiences, which have not always been positive, to help them decide on their travel plans.

So, if our tick boxes are the same as your tick boxes, hopefully, you’ll find our blog interesting & useful. Oh – I cannot bear a buffet either. The theme runs through…

One final thing – I believe that preparation is everything, so, much to Mr G’s horror, I prepare itineraries for our holidays, spending time to research restaurants, excursions etc – I hate to feel like we’re wasting time, or not getting a true taste of where we are off to – so each break, has an accompanying itinerary if you wanted to follow in our footsteps!

Bon voyage!